Little Sharks Soccer Academy

The Little Sharks Soccer Academy is a great starter soccer program for 2-5 years old. While focusing on the fundamentals, we are also focused on developing a love for the game. The youngest class, the Pup Sharks Soccer, is for ages 2-3. In this class we focus on improving a child’s basic motor skills and introduce simple activities with a soccer ball. The experienced coaches understand a motor skill is associated with muscle activity, so our games are tailored to improve agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time and speed.

The older classes, the Blue Sharks Soccer and the Preschool Soccer, for ages 4-5, still focus on basic motor skills, but also include more advanced soccer activities to improve dribbling, passing, shooting and receiving. The program has a specific curriculum in place for every class offered, so no matter which coach is running the class, they are always doing the same thing. This is important for the players to have consistency and repetition so they can progress through each phase of the curriculum.

Every class ends with each player scoring a goal on the coach, followed by the players running through a parent tunnel and receiving high fives, and then they receive a fun stamp for their hard work and listening skills.

For more information visit or contact Patrick Johnston, Director of Youth Soccer at